IN THE MOOD (arr. Buddy Bregman)

Intro 4x8 All - jockey to cannonball
v.1 6x8 All - 6 count patterns
v.2 6x8 0:27 All (same 6 count as above)
bridge 4x8 0:43 All - Jazz square to up-back-back
bridge 4x8 0:54 All (same as above, but double time)
break 4x8 guitar 1:03 Charleston swingouts CP to jumps
break 4x8 trombone 1:14 Charleston swingouts to 1H to jumps

v.3 6x8 1:26 Group 1 to dip
v.4 6x8 vibes 1:42 Group 2 to dip
v.5 6x8 horns 2:00 Group 3 to dip
v.6 6x8 piano 2:16 Group 4 to dip
v.7 6x8 trumpets 2:33 Group 5 to dip

bridge 4x8 sax 2:50 All - Jazz square to up-back-back

v.8 6x8 to extra 8 pause 3:03 Group 6
v.9 6x8 softer to extra 8 pause 3:20 Group 7
v.10 6x8 softer 3:43 Group 8

v.11 6x8 big 4:00 All - tandem to 6ct, F's IT, L's OT
coda 5x8 All - F walk around L CW, spins to dip

INTRO - all
cannonball jump
cuddle dip
throw out

v.1 - all
6 count on beat to change hand
to CP
texas tommy
overhead touch
6-count swingout
end with barrel roll

v.11 & CODA - all
crossover L
crossover R, L
push out
F's IT
L's OT
lady walks around
spins to dip