Symptom: Sony Bravia TV red light blinks twice, two times blinking light, red light flashing two times
Problem: TV turns on, then immediately off and blinking red light 2x repeatedly.
Or TV simply will not turn on, but with the above error light pattern.

There is NO info on the Sony website, not even on the pro repair shop website with this info !!!
I figured it out, don't ask me how !!!!!

Fix: Test the batteries in your remote. (DUH !!!)
Test batteries in BOTH remotes if you are using a SONY DVD player!!!!
The batteries are probably kaput. Replace with new batteries.
After replacing batteries..........

UNPLUG THE TV for half an hour (You must do this!).

Plug it back in. Boom. It now works.

I have six year old Sony Bravia 32" which gets used once a month max for 2 hours a time.
I never watch channels, just DVDs.
The above problem occured, and I called Sony HQ, and they didn't know what the 2x blink error light meant.
And its not in the manual.
They gave the phone number of a big pro repair shop an hour's drive from here.
I talked to a tech there - he didn't know.
He looked it up on the Sony troublshooting website that only registered repair shops have access to.
It wasn't on there.
He advised me to junk it and buy another.

HAH !!!!!!!

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