Classic Lindy Hop Dance movie clips
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click on Frankie or Cynthia for the the historic Oct 2007
Manning-Millman-Lichtmann WVBR fm radio interview

Hellzapoppin hi-res wmv 9.2mb
Hellzapoppin lo-res wmv 2.9mb


William Downes (overalls)
& Frances "Mickey" Jones (maid)

Billy Ricker (chef's hat)
& Norma Miller

Al Minns (white coat, black pants)
& Willa Mae Ricker

Frankie Manning (overalls)
& Ann Johnson (maid)

Killer Diller hi-res wmv 8.8mb
Killer Diller lo-res wmv 2.7mb

The Congaroo Dancers:

Frankie Manning 
Ann Johnson

Russell Williams
Willa Mae Ricker

Andy Kirk and his Band

After Seben hi-res wmv 12.8mb
After Seben lo-res wmv 3.9mb


Shorty George Snowden
(3rd couple)
with unknown partner

Chick Webb & His Orchestra

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