Kurt Lichtmann

Current teaching partners: Kristi Sullivan - Jena Andres - Katie Winkler - Nora Murphy
Past teaching partners: Cesidia Carosa - Imogen Mills - Hannah Agate - Becca Caperini
Megan Strouse - Jennifer Marroquin - Melissa Patnella - Bonnie Margolis - Melanie Kossuth
Heather Carlsen - Ellie Foust - Kelly Douglass - Christel Trutmann - Amanda Abernathy - Katie Woodilla
Kristin Germeroth - Meredith Lutz - Leah Wright - Ariel Conant - Maria Bodiu - Ariel Regnier
Lauren Kutik - Camila Marquez - Ruonan Cheng - Erica Mallare - Christine Halter
Olga Desyanik - Liz Welch - Jamie Roden - Tatiana Echeverry - Jade Wu - Joyce Marx
Isabella Hanu - Karin Edsall - Beth Faulstick - Sarah Feinbein - Courney Noster - Jillian Lyon
Lazifa Kurbanova - Maureen Quinn - Rhiannon Youngbauer - Shaleen McKenna

Kurt, now retuired from college teaching, taught dance for 10 years at Ithaca College, his Master's Degree Alma Mater, where he founded the Salsa Dance program, and was founding advisor for the I.C. Swing Dance Club. Kurt taught dance at Cornell University, his undergraduate degree Alma Mater, for 13 years, was founding advisor for 2 swing dance clubs. At Cornell, he created the original Cornell Physical Education website, and was its webmaster for 7 years.

He founded and DJ'd the WVBR radio show "Saturday Swing" and produced and DJ'd it for 12 years. He is the founder of ithacadance, and his Wedding Dance DVD has been riding at the #1 spot on Amazon.com since 2010 . He and his teaching partners offer private dance lessons in Kurt's Cayuga Heights studio. Kurt is an avid club dancer, and competes in West Coast Swing and Balboa. Our complete philosophy of social dance:  "FUN!"

Kurt has studied West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Carolina Shag in classes, workshops at national competitions, and private lessons dance with many top USA Competitors and instructors (semi-complete list), especially in Swing Dance: Frankie Manning, Steve Mitchell, Ryan Francois, Skye Humprheys, JoJo Jackson, Ramona Staffeld,Nathalie Gomes, Mario Robau, Robert Cordoba, Angel Figeroua, John Festa, Deborah Szekeley, Bill Cameron, Blake Hobby, Charlie Womble, Jackie McGee, Ellen Taylor, and that is just the beginning. He has learned Ballroom Dances from the Cornell Ballroom Club, and in classes and workshops with pros in the field, including Eulia Baranovsky, Tom Eurieck, Andy Proudy, and more.

His main Salsa teachers include Edie "The Salsa Freak", Jorge Elizando, Henry Herrera, Nedim Catal, Brian Bromka, Felipe Rivera, and others. He learned merengue and bachata from Domincans both in NY, and in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He feels that his continuing learning of the Spanish language is essential to a deeper appreciation of Caribbean music and dance. He has attended numerous large-scale dance events such as Boston Tea Party, American Swing Dance Championships, Summer Hummer, Swing Into Spring, etc.

Born in Highland Park NJ, Kurt graduated Cornell '70 B.A. Physics, Ithaca College '82 Masters in Music Education (Voice, Piano). He brings the perspective of a musician, composer, and professionally trained educator to dance instruction. He led the retro-rock band THE CORVETTES for 10 years, and has been couples dancing since the early 1990s.

He was founder/ producer/ DJ for 93.5 WVBR SATURDAY SWING radio show, now on temporary hiatus after 12 years on the air. He founded the CSMA (Ithaca Community School Of Music & Art) WHITON CHORALE, and directed it for four years. Let's not forget ten glorious years giving hundreds of workshops in songwriting at Central New NY public schools, and writing a whole lot of songs. Kurt DJ'd weddings and special events as Cayuga Pro DJ for 12 years.

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