What do students say about Ithacadance? A few choice reviews...

 "I met Kurt in my first salsa classes with Liz. I learned so much from their dance styles and different backgrounds!!! Your dance partners were wonderful teaching partners!!!!!!! Loved them all!!! – Spring 2023

“I thoroughly recommend Ithaca Dance to all my friends who are getting married and want a fun and beautiful first dance Waltz experience together.” -  Spring 2023

“Kurt gives very clear explanations of Salsa as well as the history of Salsa dance.  Salsa originated in Cuba and he taught us how to listen to the music. Now I can always find the beat in Salsa music to dance. I dance to the music.”  - Summer 2023

"Recently reviewing West Coast Swing Dance with Kurt in a private lesson after a brief hiatus I realized with his great instruction the joy of dance came back fast. His choice of West Coast Swing Music to dance to is a phenomenal collection." - Fall 2023

“Thank you so much for helping my partner and I with our first dance. Everyone loved it and was so impressed. We never could have done it without you and Kristi. You were both such kind, helpful teachers, and we had so much fun.” – Summer 2023

“Kurt is a great teacher! The private lessons I took with him helped me prepare for the mother-son dance with my son at his wedding this year. I really appreciated the one-on one attention, his great studio space, music library, and most of all his skill and patience. My son and I had so much fun dancing at the wedding!! Thanks, Kurt, for that special moment!”  - Summer 2023

“With Kurt’s private dance instruction in solo dance when I was learning a long distance West Coast Swing Choreography via Zoom from Tatiana Mollman he was great in helping me understand and dance a very difficult advanced routine during Covid lockdown.”  - Fall 2022

“My dance partner and I learned beginner Salsa and Bachata from Kurt’s weekly dance classes. When Kurt saw that we were ready to advance to the next level he gave us private lessons and taught us intermediate Salsa and Bachata, with moves he had learned from one of his teachers Eddie the Salsa Freak. Kurt is always advancing his dance knowledge and imparting it to his students.” - Spring 2021

“Kurt always teaches class with high energy, passion and enthusiasm. He is a very motivated instructor motivating the class to his level of excellence. It is always fun and enjoyable to attend his classes.” - Winter 2020

“I came to Kurt with very little dance background. He said to me.  “I Will Teach You To Dance.” I have taken many classes and private lessons with Kurt and gained skill and confidence.  I have competed in West Coast Swing Jack and Jill Competitions in Boston and made it to the Semi Finals in the NEWCOMER dance division. All inspired by Kurt and his promise to Me. “I will teach you to dance.” - Spring 2020

“In West Coast Swing class Kurt taught that this style of dance gives Ladies plenty of room to express themselves in this form of dance. And it totally fits my personality!” -  Spring 2020

“I can’t express to you enough how much this whole experience has meant to me this summer. I joined you ballroom dancing class on a whim, and I am just beyond overjoyed at where that decision has taken me. You have offered and taught me so much. I was a blessing to have met you and to have been a part of your dancing career for a little while. I will never forget all that you have given me, and I vow to to continue dancing and learning and growing.” – Fall 2020

“I always leave class with a smile. I have taken many of Kurt’s classes from Swing, to Salsa, to Ballroom to Texas Two Step and enjoyed them all!!”  -Summer 2019

Kurt and Ellie created an incredibly fun choreography to the song Happy! The entire class learned the choreography and we performed as Flashmob at the Ithaca Mall. It was a most brilliant choreography and fun for me and the entire Ithaca Dance Class.”  - Spring 2019

“In east Coast Swing lessons from Kurt he always gives step by step clear instructions with written handouts and video recaps of the class. His dance classes are always stress free. He plays songs by the late great Big Bands.. Benny Goodman and Count Basie to name a few. Great Music. – Fall 2019

“Kurt is very knowledgeable of the Bachata style of dance. He cracks the class up with his humorous jokes and in his more serious side teaches how the dance evolved from a low class dance to a very popular dance at this time on any Latin dance floor. Bachata has become a favorite dance of mine thanks to Kurt. – Fall 2019

 “The Mambo Italiano choreography with Kurt and Ellie were the best dance times ever! Miss them !!!” – Spring 2018

“Class was always a friendly atmosphere for beginners. The dance space at Island Fitness was awesome with mirrors and a wooden dance floor. Kurt and his teaching partner Ellie were always inspiring and encouraging. - Spring 2018

“I enjoy East Coast Swing and Lindy dance classes especially learning all the classic moves. Charleston, Swing Outs, Cuddles, Shorty George, Wrap's, Spins and Dips. Kurt always gives a class syllabus to practice from for the next lesson.” – Spring 2018

“I was in Ballroom Class when Kurt and Ithaca Dance was honored with  and was voted Best Dance instructor and received the Ithaca Journals Readers Choice award.  – Summer 2018

"It was super fun! I loved going to this class and it was the highlight of my week." - Spring 2015

"The instructors were fantastic, and I did not know that I would enjoy ballroom dance as much as I did.
The skills taught were very useful and were ones that I would be able to use forever. - Spring 2015"

"Great personality! Always upbeat and excited!
Helped everyone to learn and challenged us without making it too hard. - Spring 2015dance teachers

"It's fun. Instructor is a great teacher and cares about the well-being of his students." - Spring 2015

"This class is a lot of fun and Kurt is super nice. - Spring 2015

"Kurt was awesome. Always friendly, upbeat, and fun to learn from. - Spring 2015

"He is very charismatic and passionate about dance and the history of salsa." - Fall 2014

It was a stress-free fun learning experience that I would recommend to anyone." - Fall 2014

It was very fund and a good way to relieve stress with other heavy classes
and I learned awesome dance skills as well." - Fall 2014

"Kurt was very enthusiastic about the class and made sure everyone knew what they were doing before moving on to something new. Interesting class to take." - Fall 2014

"Kurt was always very energetic and eager to teach us new moves.
The man really knows what he is doing." - Fall 2014

"Kurt was a very fun salsa instructor! He was patient with our entire class which I am sure was difficult
because we were all at different levels in terms of dance skill.
He taught in a clear, easy way and always responded to questions well. - Fall 2014

"This course was so much fun and I loved learning how to dance.
The instructor made dancing fun and obviously knew a lot about dancing." - Spring 2014

"Kurt's an amazing dancer and he totally knows what he's doing. I trust him." - Spring 2014

"Kurt is a really nice and understanding person, who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject area.
He is very fair and an excellent dance leader"! - Spring 2014

"Instructor is awesome! So fun to work with and I love his personality.
This class was absolutely one of my favorites this semester." - Spring 2014

"Classes with Kurt are always fun. He's very enthusiastic, and he always makes sure everyone is on the same page.
He keeps the atmosphere light and exciting, just as a dance." - Spring 2014

"Literally the most fun class I've ever taken by far." - Spring 2014

"Everyone who at least tries salsa dancing has a good time.
If you like any kind of dancing you should try this course." - Spring 2014

"It was super fun. Totally recommend." - Spring 2014

"It was awesome! I've always been extremely clumsy. During the class, I never felt clumsy or out of place like I thought I would. It is a very fun and accepting environment." - Fall 2014

"The instructor was extremely passionate about the subject-he was very involved and fun to be around. Professor Kurt was an awesome instructor and taught me so much about dancing while making it fun, informative and interesting. During each introduction to a new subject, the instructor would give us historical context and facts about the dance.
It was so interesting!" - Fall 2014

"The instructor really enjoyed dancing and knew what he was talking about, which made the course more fun."
- Fall 2014

"Kurt is extremely passionate about what he does and leads a very fun class. I thoroughly enjoyed it." - Fall 2014

"It was fun, I recommend it to anyone who would like to be on the dance floor showing off their moves."
- Fall 2014

"If you are looking for a fun, inspiring class with the kind of teacher you hear about in the movies, THIS IS IT!"
- Spring 2013

"KURT IS WONDERFUL! He is so full of energy, love and enthusiasm. Whenever I see him, he has a large, mischievous smile on his face. He really has inspired me to pursue and love dancing." - Spring 2013

"Salsa was really a fun, engaging atmosphere. Kurt knows his stuff and I felt pretty comfortable." - Spring 2013

"Kurt is a fantastic teacher." - Spring 2013

"He is very enthusiastic and always brought a lot of energy to class. He knew the material well and could teach it easily." - Spring 2013

"He really knew what he was talking about, made it simple and easy to understand and had a contagious enthusiasm that transferred to the students." - Spring 2013

"Kurt is not only super nice and ready to go early in the morning but he knows 100 % what he is doing and the history of each dance style he teaches." - Spring 2013

"Kurt is fantastic. I haven't danced in years and this class was the perfect outlet for me to reintroduce myself to dance." - Fall 2012

"Kurt was very positive, knowledgeable, understanding, an had an excellent sense of humor. The two teaching assistants were great too!" - Fall 2012

"Kurt is a great charismatic teacher with a passion for all types of dance." - Fall 2012

" I was a little hesitant about taking this course at first--I would most definitely not consider myself to be a dancer and I didn't really know what to expect. From day 1, Professor Lichtmann made me feel comfortable in the class. I had so much fun throughout the entire semester. He kept the energy high in the classroom and he always made sure everyone was on the same page before moving on to a new dance or piece of the dance." - Fall 2012

"Overall, I absolutely loved this class and I would definitely recommend it to other students. So much fun!" - Fall 2012

"It was such a fun class. Definitely would recommend it." - Fall 2012

"It was awesome! Even if you aren't a dancer and you have no background experience in ballroom, Kurt makes it seem so easy! It is a laid back environment and it provides a fun break from your class schedule. I enjoyed myself throughout the entire semester. If you are considering taking this class, definitely do it. I guarantee that you will have fun." - Fall 2012

dance teachers "Its a fun class and you get a whole credit for it. Its always nice to try something new." - Fall 2012

"I really like his enthusiasm for the course. He knows how to dance and he loves to it. He is also very helpful and tries to make us feel comfortable dancing. He's very understanding and knows how to make the steps easy to learn and easy to retain for the future." - Fall 2012


"The course is fun, Kurt was entertaining and very passionate about salsa dancing." - Fall 2012

"I loved this class! The instructor was fun and knowledgeable, and the class felt like a very safe environment to learn how to dance. The class was informative, the instructor was very caring, and dancing is always a good time." - Fall 2012

"Yes, best class I had this semester hands down." - Fall 2012

"It's the most fun! I highly highly recommend taking it." - Fall 2012

"The class was really fun and kurt was very enthusiastic, which made it even more fun. He taught in a way that was easy to learn but didn't feel pressured. If you didn't pick it up right away it wasn't the end of the world as long as you were trying" - Spring 2012

"I loved it! I'm excited to use what I have learned outside the classroom" - Spring 2012

"The instructor is very knowledgeable, but understands we are beginners and goes at a pace that works for us. The course allows people to dance who are not on a dance team or who just want to learn something new" - Spring 2012

"I learned something that I never thought I could do. It was fun to dance with friends. Both instructors were easy to learn from" - Spring 2012

"This class was always fun to go to: it had great energy and I learned a ton" - Spring 2012

"it was a stress-free, fun environment to learn dancing in, no matter what level of previous dance experience you had." - Spring 2012

"...personable, easy to understand and very engaging which kept the attention of the class at all times" - Spring 2012

"The strengths of this instructor and the teaching assistant were that they both knew had to dance very well and were able to give instructions to the students about specific dance styles that related to ballroom dance.
I thought this class was great and a lot of fun!" - Fall 2011

"Over all, fun class with great instructors You're free to express yourself in this class, clear instructions that are repeated, instructor makes everyone feel comfortable in the class!." - Fall 2011

"The instructor has an obvious passion for dance, and for teaching others the basics of social dancing. He explains things well, and has a very clear expectation of his students. Awesome teacher!." - Fall 2011

"Very fun and enthusiastic about dance, and pretty talented as well. My favorite PALS course I've taken so far, and probably my favorite overall. Fun, good atmosphere while learning a few different styles of dancing."
- Fall 2011

"My favorite class at my career @ IC. Kurt is awesome & his enthusiasm & passion for dance is the signature stamp for this class! I highly recommend this class to anyone, they will really enjoy it. It lightens your day & brightens your mood. You'll never leave without a smile." - Spring 2011

"This course was a lot of fun & I really hope to take it again! Kurt's instruction is fun & easy to follow. I'm truly glad that I took this course." - Spring 2011

"I found this class wonderfully enjoyable. I feel like I learned so much in just one quick semester & I would love to pursue dance even more now. Kurt was a fantastic teacher who taught effectively & amusingly." - Spring 2011

"This is the best class & will be very useful in the future when it comes to dancing. Kurt is a great instructor & very enthusiastic/passionate about dance which is significant for this. If you are tired or having a bad day, his personality will always cheer you up! I recommend this class for everyone." - Spring 2011

" I truly enjoyed taking this course. I've learned a lot about me that I never knew meringue, bachata & salsa that I never knew before taking the class & I've now expanded my dance repertoire. I also appreciated getting extra help fm the instructor before & after class. The music that was played was good. I also would have liked to learn other dances such as the rumba, the samba & the cha cha. Overall, I enjoyed taking this course & would highly recommend it to other students." - Spring 2011

"I came to this class w/some experience in ballroom dance, but still learned a lot. Kurt really picked apart the steps so I was comfortable w/everything. He has a really engaging, humorous personality & really knows what he's doing! He is also a great teacher & helps everyone out no matter their abilities." - Spring 2011

"I can dance! " - Fall 2010

"Class is great! Instructor does a great job at introducing new steps/material and keeping as positive atmosphere in the classroom." - Fall 2010

"Great class! I learned exactly what he said we would and I can't wait to use what I learned in the future. Fantastic way to exercise." - Fall 2010

"The instructor is full of life and is very passionate about the class which makes it very enjoyable.
Great class!" - Fall 2010

"This is my second dance class with Mr. Lichtmann. He is very enthusiastic about this course, and we always benefit from his skill and sense of humor. He's good at demonstrating techniques for the class and helping us learn. " - Fall 2010

"Kurt creates a great work/learning environment for students. He knows how to make learning dance fun. He accommodates for students who pick up dance slow or fast and does a great job." - Fall 2010

"I will have to say that this course has been by far one of my favorite courses in my college career. Through this class, I have gained a much higher interest in ballroom dancing, and found myself looking up YouTube videos, downloading ballroom music and teaching my boyfriend the steps. I wish there were more opportunities besides this class that is taught by him or wish I knew of it sooner!
It was so much fun. " - Fall 2010

"Good fun class. Teacher kept it interesting and fun, as well as easy to learn. " - Fall 2010

"Great class, enjoyable and fun. Instructor keeps class funny and interesting. " - Fall 2010

"He is an excellent dance instructor. I have learned a ton and improved greatly.
Thank you Kurt! " - Fall 2010

"It was a really enjoyable class. Kurt teaches with passion and enthusiasm. He makes it fun to come to dance and it's obvious he loves teaching and dancing." - Fall 2010

"Kurt is an outstanding teacher and I would gladly take another course with him. " - Fall 2010

"Fun class! Kurt is a good teacher and he has a good TA too. - Spring 2010

Made class fun-fun dances, worked us hard, positive outlook and helpful." - Spring 2010 dance teachers

"I liked how this course was organized. I was able to learn lots of dance movements and history in a short amount of time. It was a great class."
- Spring 2010

"This was an awesome class. I've never done any sort of dancing before and it was easy for me to learn the dances. He was patient with us and went at a good pace." - Spring 2010

The instructor is fun and knowledgeable and uses class time to the best benefit of all. He is willing to give extra help and focus. Good class and lots of fun." - Spring 2010

"This class was fantastic! Kurt was always fun and responsive and very effective in his teaching methods. He made us laugh more than anything else." - Spring 2010

"I loved taking this class. I learned more about ballroom dancing and techniques that would help me improve. I liked how the instructor always had us rotate our partners so that there was less pressure dancing with particular people. I also wish the class was offered three times a week instead of two. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and would definitely take it again." - Spring 2010

" This class was very enjoyable. The dances were taught in small steps which was nice
and I learned a lot." - Spring 2010

" Great class-material was fun to learn-I love Kurt's sense of humor. - Spring 2010

I feel that my instructor has done a great job in teaching this course. I have learned something new and he has done a great job. His instructions are clear and he demonstrates them quite well." - Spring 2010

" Kurt is very nice and he was lenient to everyone. He makes sure everyone knows that they are doing.
It was a good class to get into." - Spring 2010

"The teacher and the TA's skills and teaching abilities: both were phenomenal." - Fall 2009

"This class is among the best and most enjoyable classes that I have taken in college. After the first couple of weeks I was thinking "what a great way to start the week." Professor Lichtmann makes the class really fun and his enthusiasm oozes out of every step of every dance. He makes everyone very comfortable and his personality is extremely likeable. The class is structured really well and in a way that really enhances learning. I really loved this class and the way Kurt taught.
I would recommend this class to everyone." - Fall 2009

"Mr. Lichtmann was very enthusiastic about dancing, and his enthusiasm was contagious." - Fall 2009

"Kurt has wonderful enthusiasm and sense of humor. Has great synergy with the TA." - Fall 2009

"This course has been awesome. It's been just what I wanted-an introductory course to different Caribbean dances which has gotten me more comfortable dancing. Kurt is a great teacher-very knowledgeable and personable, and such a great dancer! I loved that the class was relaxes and fun but still challenging; the quizzes were a good way to assess our learning. I also enjoined the switching of partners..., which allowed us to become comfortable dancing with different people. I've really enjoined having this class first thing in the morning and my only regret is that it wasn't every day." - Fall 2009

"This class always put me in a good mood. It was fun and interactive." - Fall 2009

"This class has been fun and instructive. Kurt really enjoys seeing his students do well and learn to dance correctly. He is a very honest instructor and lets you know when you need to improve on a learned skill. Kurt is eager for students to ask questions about any problems they have with learning a dance style or simple questions about the dance in general or the music." - Fall 2009

"Kurt Lichtmann was an excellent instructor and always made class fun and energetic." Fall 2009

"This Latin dance class is amazing since we get to learn so many different dances. Also Kurt is a great dancer and teacher as well. The only comment I have is that it would be great to have a little bit more structure in class. Example: learning basic steps first, then going to another level in the next class and then learning complicated moves as you become comfortable with basic steps.
Ithaca College should provide more classes like this! It's fun!" - Fall 2009

"We got to put our own personality into the dance. That's where my best memories of Swing Dance are.
That and learning cultural facts about Swing Dance were really interesting." - Fall 2009

"The dancing was a lot of fun It wasn't very awkward even though most people didn't have partners at first,
and we kept on switching around. And Kurt kept things light, so if there was an awkward point,
he could get us laughing and break the ice. Excellently done." - Fall 2009

"The music was great and I loved the small history lessons that Lichtmann
scattered throughout our dancing." - Fall 2009

"It was a lot of fun and the styles of swing were great to learn. T
he Zoot Suit Riot Routine at the end was awesome." - Fall 2009

"It was great for me because I have had salsa classes before,
and this class really gave a greater vocabulary for club salsa.
Also, the class was flexible enough to allow me to experiment with other styles .
Finally, the music was always brilliant." - Fall 2009

"The knowledge of the professor, the friendly and encouraging environment,
and the wonderful music choices!" - Fall 2009

"I've taken it TWICE! Of course you should take it!
The instructor has a great sense of humor." - Spring 2009

"I liked the class and I can do some basic swing at the end of the semester as a result.
The instructor is easy to talk to and ask questions. " - Spring 2009

"It was a blast and the instructors make it a lot of fun. I felt that we covered a lot more than I expected.
I thought it was fun and I liked the light-hearted atmosphere." - Spring 2009

"Kurt makes learning swing easy and fun. This is great for beginners and people with no experience
so they don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Cool class, fun, relaxing - looked forward to class.
Great prof and TA." - Spring 2009

"This is a great course with joyful music, a relaxed atmosphere, no pressure to perform,
and a wonderful way to learn to dance! Brings a smile to everyone's face,
well-paced instruction, and FUN!" - Spring 2009

"Take it! It's supah fly! And it's fun and a nice homework break. I think we did learn a lot
and my expectations were met. Kurt went a nice slow pace so I learned it really well." - Spring 2009

"Take the course, because it's wicked awesome and a great way to impress your friends!
Took me a while, but I eventually got it! Expectations were met. I want to learn more." - Spring 2009

"Do it!! Kurt is hysterical, the class is crazy, and it's an all around good time.
I expected to learn how to cut the rug in a whole new way, and I sure did!.
The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, it promoted successful learning." - Spring 2009

"Swing is a great social skill. The instructor is both good, and amuses me.
This was an excellent course. I anticipated learning only very basic swing,
and I got enough to be comfortable dancing at public events.
The atmosphere is both relaxed and purposeful." - Spring 2009

" It brings energy into the week, and the music is good. It is a PE class that does not feel like a chore,
or a mandatory class, but rather a club that has captured my interests." - Spring 2009

dance teachers "This is a really fun class and a great diversion from one's normal day. I felt like I really learned a lot and can comfortably go to a swing dance and be able to follow the steps and have a great time.  Kurt is an excellent instructor and really has a good way to explain concepts that can be relatively intuitive to an experienced dancer like him, but hard to explain to beginners.  I applaud him and Ellie." - Spring 2009

"It's awesome, and the teach is wicked cool. I expected to gain some sweet dancin'skills,
and guess what, I'm awesome now! The music was awesome,
and the dancing is so much fun!" - Spring 2009

"Fun, engaging, lots of cool moves. I wanted to strengthen my technique,
and learn new moves/themes. All expectations were met.
The instructors were terrific." - Fall 2008

"The teachers are friendly and always open to help. Atmosphere is relaxed and encourages questions.
Lots of extra fun stuff to learn too." - Fall 2008

"Kurt has a lot of patience and can make all steps possible.
The class was fun and I was able to wind down." - Fall 2008

"I learned so much - now i can actually dance at weddings. Fun at night." - Fall 2008

"I recommend this course because it's awesome!
I like to go back home and show off my moves to my friends.
Dancing's so much fun! Kurt & Heather rock!" - Fall 2008

"It's a good relaxing course & is easy to pick up even if you miss a week from time to time.
It's fun & made me more comfortable with my partner. I expected to learn the basics of a few dances
so that I could get out on the dance floor at a wedding & feel comfortable...and it met that expectation!.
I got more confident with my dancing ability and moving with my partner." - Fall 2008

"Take it! It's a great skill to have. And if (your friends) are ultra traditional like me,
they'll want to do this stuff at their weddings.
Instructors have great senses of humor and are approachable." - Fall 2008

The instructor is very friendly, you learn a lot,
and you walk away knowing dance moves you can actually use.
My expectations were surpassed; I didn't know we would learn this much.
The instructor and TA were excellent. They taught at an appropriate pace and
... basically couldn't have done a better job." - Fall 2008

"I expected to learn how to look not silly on a dance floor,
and my instructors taught that and much more." - Fall 2008

"Kurt's a great dance instructor & his classes are always great.
I greatly appreciate the history of dances, their origins & migration to the USA
that Kurt works into his instruction. Kurt is awesome!
Though he's good at simplifying the mechanics of dances so they're easy
to learn, he also gives a good preface to historicize each dance." - Fall 2008

"I already recommended it to my friends. I told them it was a great class where they would have fun
and meet a group of great people. I expected to learn how to do basic swing moves,
but what I got was a new love of dance. The teachers, the music and the atmosphere!." - Fall 2008

"YES!!! because it was really fun and I feel so much less uncoordinated now that
I actually know some basic steps. I also got to meet some really nice people.
What were the best things about this course?
Watching everyone (myself too) gain confidence as we learned more
and get more comfortable with the steps and with each other." - Fall 2008

"It's really an amazing course. A great way of relaxation,
plus it's a great dance to learn and very rejuvenating.
Overall, it is very well designed.." - Fall 2008

"The instructor is awesome. So funny! ." - Fall 2008

"The instructor is pretty hilarious and makes everyone feel pretty darn comfortable." - Fall 2008

"It's a high energy class that lets beginners feel at home throughout.
I wanted a great intro to dance course, and that's what it was. This was my first dance class ever,
and I feel a lot better about dance in general after it.
What were the best things? The instructor and his nonstop energy." - Fall 2008

"I I have already recommended this course to all my friends because I think this class is
the perfect combination of exercise and socializing! I expected to learn how to carry a beat
- something I've never been able to do before - and now I can really dance! I loved being introduced to
new music. I actually added a lot of swing music to my itunes library." - Fall 2008

"Take this class. It's fun! Learn basic sequences of major dances.
Relaxed atmosphere and covers a number of major dances." - Spring 2008

"Kurt & Maria are clearly experts - they are great dancers, great teachers.
They are patient and when one makes mistakes, they are always willing to help.
The music and the dips were pretty cool." - Spring 2008

"I did enjoy it. I enjoyed learning the dances
and Kurt's rather off-beat sense of humor." - Spring 2008

"I would definitely recommend this course.
It's a great way to bond with a friend and have a lot of fun." - Spring 2008

"It's fun! You will know how to dance by the end of the semester.
Instructors are great. Very relaxed." - Spring 2008

"The best thing about this course were the instructors.
They were enthusiastic and willing to help." - Spring 2008

"My expectations were exceeded.
We learned more and did more than I expected out of a beginner's class. It's fun!" - Spring 2008

"YES It's so much fun, and a great break in my week.
The music is awesome and I've met hilarious and talented people." - Spring 2008

"Absolutely! Emphasis is on FUN. Jumpswing is a fantastic, free,
expressive dance style, and its energy was well-conveyed in the course." - Spring 2008

"Instructors were patient, reviewed concepts a lot, and didn't expect everyone to get it immediately.
Instruction was very good. An enjoyable activity for my weekends." - Spring 2008

"Definitely recommend this course, a perfect intro for beginners.
I reached my expectation of being able to look unbelievably sexy on the dance floor." - Spring 2008

 "Of course, this class is awesome. I will take Swing II.
The teachers, the music, the people - I love swing dancing!" - Fall 2007

"Do it! It's fun and the music is great!" - Fall 2007

"Good chuckles, fluid & welcoming, confidence building.
This is learning swing instead of learning to get stressed out by being a klutz.
Steps are broken down, atmosphere is all bounce." - Fall 2007dance teachers

"It was a fun and flexible course and you learn something fun and new.
Before the course I couldn't dance, and now I can. I really enjoyed the jumps
that we learned and the instructor was great as well." - Fall 2007

"Definitely recommended, it's great fun.
Instructors were fun and approachable. The dancing was fun and energetic." - Fall 2007

"I've actually already recommended it to my roommate because it's fun to learn a dance style
that you don't really see many young people doing at the clubs these days " - Fall 2007

"Instructors were patient with all skill levels.
A fun, interesting course, and a great intro to swing for all levels.
Music was good, a great variety of dance moves and styles." - Fall 2007

"Cardio Combo was full, BUT I was VERY glad I got to be in this class instead!
The instructors were very enthusiastic, funny, and they challenged us.
This was a very low stress PE class. A great course, because it's fun, upbeat and a
really great chance to meet a low of new people." - Fall 2007

"HIGHLY recommended. For someone who couldn't even spell 'dance' beforehand, \
I feel incredibly comfortable experimenting with dance now.
There was a perfect balance between the science and the feel. " - Fall 2007

"The positive energy, the great music,
and what I could never imagine my body could learn to do!" - Fall 2007

"Yeah! Yay! I wanted to learn how to dance, I am much better now.
The instructors made the class fun & I enjoyed the music." - Fall 2007

"Do it! It's a fun getaway from normal classes.
Kurt and Ro were extremely talented and patient in teaching us." - Fall 2007

"The instructors are fabulous!" - Fall 2007

"Good music, friendly, helpful instructors, and humor.
Frequent review ensures that we'll remember these moves
even after the course is over." - Spring 2007

"The course is very fun and the instructors make learning the moves enjoyable and memorable.
I did learn a great deal." - Spring 2007

"I was definitely a better dancer towards the end. The instructor is very patient. He goes over things many times, until you get it. He is also very funny in class." - Spring 2007

"Highly recommended. Educational, fun, good pace,
comprehensive, well-taught, practical!" - Spring 2007

"The demonstrations were very helpful, and the instructors were very friendly.
They made themselves available for individualized instruction.
Kurt is able to make the instruction fun and helpful.
He has the ability to strike up an interest in dancing in his students." - Spring 2007

"It does a great job introducing you to an array of different dances.
It's a great way to release some creative energy and have fun." - Spring 2007

"It's fun and you learn more about your body than running. Can't wait til Swing II.
The TA was So Cool !!!" - Spring 2007

I had a hysterically good time dancing around with my partner. Plus, we can show off at dances now.
It's fun and a great stress relief." - Spring 2007

"The instructors make the class a highlight of my week. Most people are here to have fun
a nd the instructor recognizes that and makes the lessons interesting." - Spring 2007

"The instructors are very helpful. Kurt is funny, and you do learn how to dance." - Spring 2007

"Best course ever, a fantastic way to learn to dance at fraternity formals." - Fall 2006

"Both Camila and Kurt would always take extra time to explain/demonstrate
if we didn't get something. I liked the depth we went into." - Fall 2006

"The instructor and TA were great and obviously love dancing." - Fall 2006

"I learned a lot in terms of traditional dances, and the teacher is very energetic." - Fall 2006

"Yes, I would recommend this course, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
Fun music and learning dances." - Fall 2006

"Take the course - it's a blast. It's easy-going, fun, and you learn a lot
- even sometimes challenging moves." - Fall 2006

"Energetic and fun - refreshing between other classes.
Organized learning, exciting course." - Fall 2006

"It was a fun course, and you can't be afraid to get close to people or try things.
I loved learning all of the moves. I loved that people were willing to have lots of fun with it.
Kurt & Leah were fun to learn from." - Fall 2006

""I looked forward to every class, it was so full of life." - Fall 2006

"It's a good way to meet people and become comfortable with dancing
with members of the opposite sex. The instructor was pretty funny
and the dancing was fun." - Fall 2006

"It was extremely fun, and the music was great!" - Fall 2006

"My expectations were actually exceeded. Kurt kept things funny
and was very helpful in explaining the finer details that made a move go smoothly." - Fall 2006

"It is an amazing course - the instructors were very humorous and the class is a lot of fun." - Spring 2006

"Instructors were fun and the dancing was useful in all situations." - Spring 2006

"I would certainly recommend it. It is fun, fun, fun all the way!" - Spring 2006

"Before, I couldn't dance without memorizing steps, but now if there's a good leader, I can free-dance.
It's fun and a good confidence builder." - Spring 2006

dance teachers "I have told all my friends to take it - it is a lot of fun." - Spring 2006

"Great fun, and a good place to meet new friends." - Spring 2006

"It's a rollickin' good time!" - Spring 2006

"It further enhances social interactions, grace, balance,
along with numerous other healthful and beneficial benefits!" - Spring 2006

"Good Instructors, good music." - Spring 2006

"Take it. It's Fun & you learn a lot." - Spring 2006

I totally recommend this course. Not only do you learn a lot, but you also have fun.
The instructors are amazing. Kurt and Erica are excellent! Plus, I really enjoy the music." - Spring 2006

Kurt & Erica are a great teaching pair. It's fun & energetic." - Spring 2006

"Go for it - great way to learn to the basics of several dances. Lighthearted attitude, Classy dancing style of the instructors, and steps well chosen for beginners." - Fall 2005

"What a fun way to unwind! A good time, and a few swing moves - mission accomplished! Fun instructors, perfect pace, challenging, yet not too much." - Fall 2005

"Sooo much fun!! I expected to learn some swing dances moves to show off with and I did exactly that. The atmosphere is very nice and humorous." - Fall 2005

"It's awesome! Dancing is fun. You don't need a partner and it's not entirely awkward to dance with someone you don't know. Kurt is REALLY enthusiastic! - Fall 2005

"We had fun even though we had to miss classes and weren't even so good at it. How gracefully Kurt & his TA dance. How patient they were with certain hopeless students." - Fall 2005

"It's a great course that breaks up your day nicely and you get to learn some new dance moves. It's also a good way to meet new people." - Fall 2005

"The course is really fun and it is extremely laid back. I know what I learned here will come in handy at parties." - Fall 2005

"The energy, the enthusiasm, the music, the instructors, and the style of swing dance I really liked. I really enjoyed the class and I hope it stays with the same energy. I think this is a very fun class. You can really laugh a lot. You can also learn things you though you never could do." - Fall 2005

"I think Kurt & Erica were excellent instructors. I would definitely recommend it to my friends because I learned how to swing dance and had fun doing it even with two left feet. I expected to leave this course feeling comfortable swing dancing enough to actually go to a swing dance. I feel very comfortable." - Fall 2005

"We had so much fun, and bonded as a couple. Wanted to learn to dance for our wedding. Learned to dance by DANCING, not just 'watch and dance.'" - Summer 2005

"It was by far the best class I've taken this summer. Very fun, and I learned a lot. The teachers were very fun, and went at just the right pace. I expected to learn enough to look like I know what I'm doing on the dance floor. My expectations were beyond met." - Summer 2005

"It's a good way to get an informal introduction to dancing in general, and the ladies love a guy that can dance. The music is great, and the atmosphere is relaxed." - Summer 2005

"The course is a lot of fun, and easy to follow." - Summer 2005

"I would recommend this course! It is a great way to learn swing - especially for the complete beginner. It is also a lot of fun. Not only did we learn techniques of swing dance, but we also applied them to actual songs. This created a sense of being able to actually dance." - Summer 2005

"It was entertaining, relaxing, and the instructors were very enthusiastic and nice. It was fun, and it was taught really well. - Summer 2005

"I would recommend this class strongly to friends. The instructors are very systematic and build in a logical manner from one move to the next." - Summer 2005

"I've already recommended it, since I think it's a great excuse to move - both for those pre-disposed to enjoy the tunes , and those who are skeptical as to whether they got rhythm. It's a great couples bonding activity." - Spring 2005

"Very fun - you don't need a partner, everyone begins on about the same level,
very comfortable." - Spring 2005

"Works wonders to erase inhibitions, and enjoy dancing!" - Spring 2005

"The instructors are wonderful and make it seem easy. It's a blast!" - Spring 2005

"This class is fun, and I've learned loads of things I hope to use in the future!" - Spring 2005

"The instructors are amazing and enthusiastic. They can even teach engineers." - Spring 2005

"I would say definitely take it. I had a lot of fun, it teaches a lot of great stuff. I loved it!" - Spring 2005

"I've learned more than I thought possible I really like the instructors, Kurt & his TA." - Spring 2004

"You learn a lot, his TA and Kurt are great teachers, and look good together, which is very motivating.
They are very experienced, and they care about the students." - Spring 2004

"This is a fun dance class that teaches a lot. Kurt and his TA are excellent instructors. The class was both educational and fun, suited even for beginners." - Spring 2004

"It is an amazing course that teaches a lot and is really quite fun!
The synergy between the instructors and the class was amazing! - Spring 2004

"Kurt & his TA's teaching were the best things about this course. My expectations were met and even exceeded." - Spring 2004

I would recommend this class. It was a lot of fun. The best thing about this course was the instructors. They were very enthusiastic." - Spring 2004

"What were the best things about this course?
BY FAR, his TA and Kurt! They work so well together!" - Spring 2004

"Of all the dance courses, his TA and Kurt's is the most comprehensive: they don't go too fast,and they help you to remember each dance. This is great for beginners like me." - Spring 2004

"The step by step clarity, the dry wit, I recommend this course. It was fun and I learned!! - Spring 2004

"Kurt & his TA made the atmosphere fun and comfortable. I looked forward to it.: - Spring 2004

"The instructors were always very eager to help out and everything was always explained really well.
I feel this course provides an excellent overview." - Spring 2004

"Fun, learned a lot. Instructors made sure that everyone had adequate practice before going on." - Fall 2003

"Kurt & his TA were very capable instructors. Pace of the course was very good.
Good level of review."- Fall 2003

"Fun course, well taught. Instructors are humorous
and they explained the dance steps pretty clearly." - Fall 2003

"The instructors really know how to get the lesson across." - Fall 2003

"I really enjoyed the class - it didn't go too slowly and was the perfect way to get into swing.
I expected to have fun and learn to swing. I did! It was FUN!!!" - Fall 2003

"This is the best course I've taken at Cornell!. Kurt and his TA are are superb!! Their style of teaching is very clean and easily understandable. The music is good. " - Summer 2003

"YES! definitely take this course. K & I are good instructors, and the class is very well arranged.
Beyond my expectations. K & I are pretty easy going and welcoming.
They make you feel comfortable." - Summer 2003

"What were the best things about this course? Kurt and his TA. Yes, great fun." - Summer 2003

"Thank you very much for a really good course!!! " - Summer 2003 dance teachers

"This is a great course. I've enjoyed it a lot." - Summer 2003

"The enthusiasm of the instructors - they are happy to stay after class, playing music and answering questions, or going over a particular step, etc. Yup - fun." - Summer 2003

"This class covers all the basics and its fun! All questions were met, it was a nice atmosphere.
Both instructors were great." - Summer 2003

"Very instructive class. Great atmosphere. Great music." - Summer 2003

"Expected to learn a bit of swing and have a good time; learned more than I expected
and had a great time. Kurt & his TA rule!!" - Spring 2003

"Go ahead, take it. Make sure it's with these instructors. They were awesome." - Spring 2003

"Kurt and his TA are great instructors. They teach at a good speed, and understandably." - Spring 2003

"It's a must take! The class is lots of fun, and Kurt and his TA are great." - Spring 2003

"Makes you happy. Charming instructors." - Spring 2003

"The course is very fun and the instructors are very friendly and organized. Very well taught to anybody , especially beginners. After the class, I was feeling well and up, because the class is fun." - Spring 2003

"This is a great dance course and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. The instructors are great, they teach lots of swing moves and gradually go over al the movements step by step. The instructors explain stuff even during breaks and after class." - Spring 2003

"I had fun and I feel like I learned a lot. It also increased my confidence on the dance floor. The pace was just about right for me." - Spring 2003

"Definitely take this course. I couldn't dance at the beginning of the semester and now I feel much more confident. The course is an excellent beginner course and goes at a really good pace." - Spring 2003

"I have already told others what a great class this is!" - Spring 2003

"Being a dancer myself, I would highly recommend this course. It is a lot of fun and I have learned a lot about dancing with a partner." - Spring 2003

"Yes, it was a lot of fun and Kurt and his TA really keep things upbeat and interesting. I definitely learned more than I expected." - Spring 2003

"It was fun, and I met a lot of people, and I feel like swing dancing is a great thing to know how to do." - Spring 2003

" I heard it was good. Expectations met! I really enjoyed it." - Spring 2003

"Take it. It was easy, laid back, and fun.
The dance level was appropriate and the music was good." - Spring 2003

"You get to shake our groove thang to a lot of swingin' songs. I wanted to have fun learning to swing dance; yes, my expectations were met." - Spring 2003

"Energetic teachers, great music, groovy moves." - Fall 2002

"A lot of fun! I enjoyed the choreography we did to "Zoot Suit Riot." - Fall 2002

"I would definitely recommend this class. I had a lot of fun and met new people" - Fall 2002

"Kurt & his TA did a great job - they worked well together as a team.
The class exceeded my expectations." - Fall 2002

"The instructors were very enthusiastic and eager to help. The music was fun." - Fall 2002

"I expected to learn how to dance, and I did. It's a load of fun; the music,
the dancing, the instructors" - Fall 2002

"It was a great course! I wanted to become more comfortable with a lot of moves
since I had little background in dancing. Now I enjoy going out to swing dances,
and I have enough intuition to follow almost any move." - Fall 2002

"Fun, full of energy, good instructors. Very relaxed un-pressured learning atmosphere." - Fall 2002

"It was well-paced and FUN! My expectations were exceeded.
dance teachers I couldn't believe all I learned once we put it all together." - Fall 2002

"I would definitely recommend it - a great intro, good instruction. Groovy steps to groovy music, a fun recreational thing to do every week in the midst of academic chaos." - Fall 2002

"It was my first experience in dancing! And now... I can dance.
Thanks a lot! Funny and good instructors." - Fall 2002

"Great fun! Really interesting and you learn a lot. It's a great change in the middle of the week. Good music! Great instructing. I liked how each step was broken down into counts an smaller parts
- it made learning a lot easier." - Fall 2002

"The instructors were fun. The music was good. The atmosphere was friendly - no pressure - making mistakes was OK - and learning was inevitable because we practiced each part quite a lot." - Fall 2002

"Instructors are patient and enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Music is fun. Everyone there is having a good time. Instructors give clear demonstrations. They know what looks cool and fun." - Summer 2002

"Good starter course. Not too easy, but also not too intense or serious. Instructors were always patient and polite - they believe that dancing is for fun." - Summer 2002

"I would recommend this course. Highly! Then I'd pause, affect a thoughtful pose and add: I couldn't dance if you shot at my feed before. NOW, I am an intermediate swinger." - Summer 2002

"A great course for beginners like myself. Good pace, good reviewing." - Summer 2002

"It's great and you have a lot of fun. And it's very professional. Relax and have fun" - Summer 2002

"More than met my expectations. It blew away all my stress. Fun, and lots of exercise." - Summer 2002

"It's fun, and the teaching is good, the music's great. A useful skill and good exercise, too." - Summer 2002

"The instructors have been the best I have experienced! The choice of music was great. ABSOLUTELY! A lot of energy, fun. Expected just to be happy with the basics, but there was a lot more than that!" - Spring 2002

"It is my best P.E. class!!! Burn lots of energy, and get to have FUN.
There is really nothing I want to change in this course." - Spring 2002

"Taught by great teachers. It's a great experience.
I'm sure that it is unparalleled to any other school's swing dance course.." - Spring 2002

"The instructors are really sweet, and I love Jumpswing!" - Spring 2002

"I liked the way the instructors teach the class. This class is fun! The music they play is good. The instructors are very helpful." - Spring 2002

"The laid back quality of the class was great. Very comfortable atmosphere that made it easy to ask questions." - Spring 2002

"If you are looking for an up-beat class for dance, this is great. Joyce's energy and Kurt's loose attitude made the class fun. Looking for an upbeat class? This is great!!" - Spring 2002

"Kurt & Joyce are the best! They really know how to teach!" - Spring 2002

"Not too difficult or too easy. The instructors worked really well with the students. It's a VERY enjoyable class, and it teaches a lot about the fundamentals of swing." - Spring 2002

"Thanks Kurt & Joyce! Fun course. Fun, relaxed atmosphere. Easy pace." - Spring 2002

"I would definitely recommend this course to friends because it was really energetic and lots of fun. Me and my partner have become better dancers.." - Spring 2002

"It is an excellent class. Very clear explanations, great music."
"What were the best things about this course?
The instructors, of course. Very fun and funny." - Spring 2002

"The teachers are hilarious together, which make things more enjoyable. Good music as well, which is important." - Spring 2002

"It's fun, relaxing, and anyone can do it. Definitely recommend. Kurt and Joyce were great instructors and kept the class lively with their irreverent humor." - Spring 2002

"I have already told my friends how much fun I am having and how much I have learned. Instructors were knowledgeable and knew how to teach it appropriately. Large variety of basic moves were learned. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who asks.." - Spring 2002

"Thank you - this was such fun! We are 'teaching' our friends! Definitely would recommend! It was good exercise and fun. I feel that I really learned the basics ." - Spring 2002

"Kurt and Joyce's teaching style works very well. It's very fun, and well-taught. I learned a lot and definitely got my money's worth." - Spring 2002

"I learned quite a bit, and enjoyed it. It was a good coverage of the basic of swing I learned a great deal. The dances were very well explained and easy to follow." - Spring 2002

"It's a great beginner course that teaches the basics of swing. Also, Kurt & Joyce are very enthusiastic, and seem to really enjoy what they do, so they make it fun." - Spring 2002

"We learned in a fun and active way, rather than being simply explained to, we learned by actually darning it. I would recommend this course, because I enjoyed it, and gained a broad knowledge of the essential swing steps." - Spring 2002

"I feel refreshed after each class! Good fun, stress relief." - Spring 2002

"I would highly recommend this course as a low-stress, fun, and informative way to begin swing dancing. Forget about worries each week. I enjoyed the instructor's enthusiasm, and willingness to stop and review. Both instructors information was valuable, but in different ways - they played off each other. And all the cool moves!" - Spring 2002

"What were the best things about this course? Too many to list. It's been quite a change from the other dance instruction we've had." - Fall 2001

"Good ratio of basic move versus free experimentation. Nice in the way the instructors would gauge the class response when deciding to stay or move on. Good instructor personalities. Much fun." - Fall 2001

"YES! lots of fun, instructors are great - you learn a lot and might actually use it when you go out! Music in this course is excellent, and the instructors are great. Always willing to help." - Fall 2001

"Kurt & Joyce are definitely the best instructors around. It's all good.." - Fall 2001

"It's da bomb!" - Fall 2001

"The instructors were helpful and entertaining, the songs were nice." - Fall 2001

"I enjoyed the course. It was fun, relaxed. I expected to learn some basic moves, and I think I did. Fun, easy to follow.." - Fall 2001

"It's a good intro to different types of swing, and we went over stuff multiple times so we didn't forget it. Yes, I know how to dance much better now." - Fall 2001

"Fun class, music was energetic. The class was filled with dancing, always moving around." - Fall 2001

"Kurt & Joyce! They are great dancers together, and made me laugh." - Fall 2001

"I would definitely recommend this course - it was so much fun and I learned a lot. The music, the dance steps - the course as a whole was excellent. No changes - it was great - you rock, Kurt & Joyce." - Fall 2001

"The instructors are friendly, approachable, and know their stuff. You can learn things that most people don't know." - Fall 2001

"It's a no-pressure fun course. They encourage you to learn and apply what you learn to improvise, but don't require more than the basics. And they are always there to help you with stuff you don't understand, or extras you want to learn. Kurt would give us a basic pattern, and then let us go and mess around with it." - Fall 2001

"It's a lot of fun and you learn a lot. The instructors are very friendly and helpful, and they make it a great environment to dance! I feel confident to dance with someone, too." - Fall 2001

"There's a friendly atmosphere and the class is fun and easy going. The instructors were extremely helpful and encouraging. The class was fun and enjoyable." - Fall 2001

"Thoroughly recommend. Swing dancing is really fun! Great music." - Fall 2001

"It's a lot of fun and you learn a lot. I expected to be able to hold my own at a swing dance club - certainly so. Everything was great - instructors, course materials, everything." - Fall 2001

"The teachers are great and it's tons of fun! I learned how to swing dance! The teachers were funny and taught really well. They made everything seem easy." - Fall 2001

"Highly recommended. Fun, enjoyable and interesting. Enthusiasm of the instructors." - Fall 2001

"I would say definitely take this course, because it gives you a nice break during a stressful week. Plus, you learn a lot. I expected to learn swing and have fun, I got both." - Fall 2001

"It was fun and educational! What were the best things about this course? Kurt & Joyce's energy and enthusiasm." - Fall 2001

"I would tell my friends not to hesitate one bit, and take this extraordinary course! It is extreme fun and a great workout! The instructors were great and encouraged us in a non-pressured environment! I learned a lot this way, and never felt embarrassed." - Fall 2001

"Awesome... learned a lot, great high-energy break from the week. Instructors are wonderful. Great at motivating and teaching clearly at the same time. Learned range of easy-to-use moves. Would like more Jump Jitterbug." - Fall 2001

"I wanted to understand the basics of swing and learn how to follow instead of discussing what we should do. I definitely learned all of this." - Fall 2001

"I liked the fact that we learned step by step, I was never confused. I would recommend this course because it's fun and not TOO active. It's an escape from stress." - Fall 2001

 "LOVE the Zoot Suit Riot lesson. Fun to know how to swing." - Fall 2001dance teachers

"It covers a variety of material at a reasonably fast pace, and the instructors, while perhaps a bit eccentric, are especially effective and non-judgemental I really liked the mixers. They were a lot of fun." - Fall 2001

"Detailed footwork explanations helped those with poor kinesthetic senses. Good swing intro." - Fall 2001

"The course is tons of fun, and I learned very much. HOORAY FOR SWING!" - Fall 2001

"We learned a lot from the course and the instructors were very talented. I feel confident to go out and dance swing." - Fall 2001

"S'FANTASTIC! SPACTACULA! Wow, great music, good company.
1-1/2 hours a week to get you re-energized and ready to go!! FUN STUFF! When Kurt & Joyce make jokes, they're really funny and make the class entertaining." - Fall 2001