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Intermediate - Advanced Levels

Kurt Lichtmann, Kristi Sullivan, Naomi Erkan, Nora Murphy

Private Lessons are held at our Coddington Rd Studio.

Dips & Drops
Super Spins
Ultra Sexy Moves
Hot Ladies Styling
Trick & Funny Moves
Partner Play!

*** Private Lessons: ON PAUSE ***
We will offer them again when the Covid coast clears:
Sept 2021? 2022? ????

"We were totally frustrated trying this on our own,
but you made it really easy and fun!"
- students

We have helped many couples learn to comfortably execute those super hot salsa moves you see in performance. This is far beyond "lead-follow" - it is about dancing together, looking good together, and feeling good together. You want tricks? How far do you want to go? How crazy do you want to get? In private lessons, we teach you and your partner well beyond the common club dance patterns.

Kind, clear, patient, knowledgeable, entertaining instruction! We work with you as a teaching team, so that you and your partner each have a role model. We work separately with each of you. We put you back together. Two instructors are needed to do that efficiently. It is comfortable and fun.

Kurt's private dance studio on Coddington Rd, near Ithaca College, has a nice dance floor, large full length mirrors, great sound system: you know, the works! Very pleasant. Easy parking in the driveway. Only 5 minutes from downtown Ithaca. We will send you a map and photo after you contact us.

Our very reasonable rate of $120 for a 50 minute lesson includes TWO instructors. We leave time at the end of the session for you to make a video summary of everything taught. Check, cash, or PAYPAL seller email:

Please feel free to call:
our schedules are somewhat flexible, and we can work around YOUR schedules.

"If you are looking for a fun, inspiring class with the kind of teacher you hear about in the movies,
THIS IS IT!" - Spring 2013

"KURT IS WONDERFUL! He is so full of energy, love and enthusiasm.
Whenever I see him, he has a large, mischievous smile on his face.
He really has inspired me to pursue and love dancing." - Spring 2013

"Salsa was really a fun, engaging atmosphere. Kurt knows his stuff
and I felt pretty comfortable." - Spring 2013

Our complete philosophy of social dance:
"FUN!"    Wedding Dance DVD   Ithaca Swing Dance      Salsa Dance Ithaca