Group Classes: Island Health & Fitness
1st facility: 310 Taughannock Blvd, on Ithaca's West End
2nd facility:
903 Hanshaw Rd, Community Corners in Cayuga Heights
Instructors: Kurt, Naomi, Lori, Kristi, Andrew, Nora, Connie
dance classes - private lessons - social dances - gift certificates
all on "Pause" - like every other social dance studio in the world in 2021
(and if they are NOT, they should be!)

Maybe re-starting September 2021? or maybe September 2022?...or??? .tba....

~~~On a Positive note! ~~~
we are back in the recording studio with dance songs & dance humor!    
Our Own Dance Songs             Our Own Dance & Music Humor

Sooo, for now.....Learn at home!
Wedding Dance DVD    
Swing Dance DVD

Ithaca Dance Official Policy: "Hand-Cleaning & Social Dance"
1. Before entering a room of social dance: wash hands with warm water and soap .
2. After leaving a room of social dance: wash hands with warm water and soap.
NOTE A: Bathroom usage constitutes leaving/entering the social dance floor.
NOTE B: Hand sanitizer is considerably LESS effective - WASH YOUR HANDS !

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