California Mix!
50% WCS, 50% Ballroom & Latin

Currently  on "pause...."   When do we restart ? tba ......


and Health @ Corners Community,
903 Hanshaw Rd: ITHACA MAP

REQUESTS? ASK! I have it all and great stuff only!
No cover:
if you like what you get, DJ is grateful for some dough in the jar.

Our"California Mix" has plenty of ballroom and crossover (ECS-Hustle-WCS), although WCS gets the lion's share in the mix - but with lots of oldies! Plenty of Waltz, Foxtrot, Hustle, East Coast, NC2, Texas 2Step, Tango, Rumba, Salsa, & Cha Cha Cha thrown in there: but great dance songs only!

The WCS is Premium WCS Music, and our focus is on * classic * WCS national event standards: tunes getting regular play at the big WCS events, mainly WCS R&B golden era of the '90s. Recent hits too, and zero hip hop.

Your DJ has attended numerous top WCS events such as American Swing Dance Championships, Boston Tea Party, Summer Hummer, Boogie In The Mountains, etc. Your DJ has competed in many WCS Jack & Jills, and taken WCS private lessons with big dogs Mario Robau, Angel Figueroa, Debbie Szekely, Robert Royston, etc etc. Kurt has DJ'd for Cornell University Ballroom Club dance banquets, and he dances more styles than you have even heard of.

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